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The most recent marketing gimmick is three-dimensional… July 15, 2010

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The most recent marketing gimmick is three-dimensional printing.
Restaurant chain TGI Friday’s is using it for its first UK ad campaign, launched this month.
A set of 3-D viewing glasses will be bound into magazines and so that readers can look at a waiter who appears to be offering them a tray of cocktails. Dallas-based TGI Friday’s is operated in the UK by Whitbread. COMPANY ACCOUNTS
BASF listing refused in US
BASF: conservative practices.
The world’s biggest chemical company is being refused a quotation on the New York Stock Exchange ” because its accounting practices are too conservative.
BASF (1990 sales, Dm46.6 billion) is apparently one of several big German companies queueing for a Wall Street listing.
Their applications have been stalled by the Securities and Exchange Commission’s demand that they re-run their accounts in accordance with principles used in the US.
The SEC’s case, according to BASF finance director Max Dietrich Kley, is that the chemical giant’s figures understate profits, making it difficult for investors to compare them with those of other concerns. The SEC declines to comment.
“I believe the SEC’s argument is false,” Kley says.
“We can see in the American financial world where you end up when risks are underestimated, or not taken account of quickly enough in the results.”
BASF’s approach, he adds and reflects the German mentality, which is to prepare for every possible risk. The company is cautious even by German standards.
Kley points out that conservative accounting represented an added charge of more than Dm400 million to the 1990 figures.

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Another major benefit of the centres… July 5, 2010

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Another major benefit of the centres is that local countryside groups can use it for meetings and displays.
Adrian Colston, director of the Northamptonshire Wildlife Trust and says the centre has given the Trust a shop window in the town centre: “It’s early days yet, but the centre has already doubled our volunteer workforce and we think it will become a major focal point.” Trevor Lawson
Swimming off Britain’s sewage-strewn beaches can make you sick, but constant campaigning from The Marine Conservation Society has put pressure on local authorities to tell the public exactly what and where the dangers are.
Also, in association with Heinz and the Society has published the 1991 edition of The Good Beach Guide providing up-to-date information on the bathing-water quality of over 450 British beaches.
Among the 10 new best beaches in this edition are Teignmouth in the south-west, Thorntonloch in Scotland and Borth in Wales.
But brickbats to Brighton, South Shields and Llandudno which have failed the EC standard. REPORT FROM THE REGIONS
To bypass, or not to bypass : that is the question troubling the people of north Norfolk.
The county council plans to build a bypass so that the A148 will no longer bisect the conservation village of Letheringsett.
Few would deny that something has to be done to alleviate the problems there, caused by up to 9,000 vehicles per day negotiating a narrow, winding road.
But each of the five possible routes proposed has drawbacks: apart from the cost (about £4 million) and they would bring new problems for other villages, cut through farm land or devastate the watermeadows and wildlife habitats in the Letheringsett and Glaven Valley Conservation Areas.
The local branches of the Green Party, CPRE and FoE, and the newly-formed Glaven Valley Protection Group, all oppose a bypass; but rather than adopting a negative NIMBY position they propose improvements to the existing road, which they believe would deal effectively with the hazards.
Speed limits, a better-designed crossroads, a new crossing and pavement would make the road safer for both pedestrians and drivers, and entail far less disruption and expense.
Inevitably the issue has proved highly emotive: even in Letheringsett opinion is divided.
Rupert Rosser, a villager and member of the GVPG and thinks a bypass would divert only a fraction of the traffic.

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Helix through the looking glass… June 23, 2010

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Helix through the looking glass
Nature in her many convoluted patterns shows clear preferences John Galloway
THE HELIX is a curve nature finds seductive, as a cartoon that Private Eye published in 1978 may be illustrating. Look for patterns of growth and you find helices.
Their elegant and economical forms are the solutions to innumerable puzzles of how to plan and build animals and plants (Figure 1).
And, if you want to press the architectural simile a little and the many variations on a helical theme (with their emphasis on a set of rules of proportion) represent a style that is unmistakably classical, with much of the same appeal. Or so it might seem.
But in an important respect,(the one this article is about), helices are not at all classical.
In any building claiming to be classical (and in many others, of course) the key principle is one of symmetry; using the word in its narrow modern sense not of harmony but of parts arranged equally about a line or plane.
In other words and the two halves of the building balance or, more formally and they are mirror images of one another(figure 2). In this latter sense helices are asymmetrical.
The mirror image of a helix is a precise replica of it except that no amount of turning will allow you to superimpose one on the other.
The pair of mutual mirror images have the same relationship that our hands possess. Now, hands are, well, handed for want of a better word.
Similarly, by analogy and by convention, helices are also described as right or left-handed.
A screw that goes in as you turn it clockwise is (arbitrarily) called right-handed. This sort of looking-glass asymmetry is not a property simply of helices. Far from it.
Molecular stereoisomerism is a phenomenon exactly similar.
Thus L (laevo = left) and D (dextro = right) forms of glucose are also asymmetric mirror images and are also described as being handed.
And molecules like this, amino acids are other examples, are said by structural chemists to have a “chirality”, from the Greek word for hand.
Pairs of them are called “enantiomorphs”, again from the Greek meaning, literally, contrary forms.

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While programmers have not been… June 9, 2010

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While programmers have not been able to do that the results they have achieved suggest that this may not be such a good idea.
At least so far as chess is concerned, working on the level of ideas, instead of specific calculations and seems to let a tremendous amount of imprecision into one’s thinking.
The lesson to chess players is more clear-cut: chess turns out to be a much richer world than they thought. We play it much more poorly than we thought.
It may be that we can learn from computers something of what we have been missing in the game; or and that chess is so rich and that only a symbiosis between man and machine can explore it adequately. So although machines may beat us and there is no need to despair.
The point is that they think differently from us; and we and they make a great team. Of microbes and movie stars
Bernard Dixon
Bugs and men who study them have inspired great literature and pages and pages of nonsense But even the finest fiction has rarely improved on real life
One day in 1905, George Bernard Shaw visited Professor Almroth Wright’s laboratory at St Mary’s Hospital, London and to see the great bacteriologist’s work on phagocytosis and the assessment of immunity by his “opsonic index”(a primitive measure of antibodies).
Shaw was fascinated, but heard one piece of information which he recognised as quite barmy ” that a cubic millimetre of blood contained five million red corpuscles.
This was just as silly, he opined, as the yarn he had been told about the Sun being at a distance of 93 million miles from the Earth.
Such incredulity (which Wright’s colleague and later biographer Leonard Colebrook attributed to Shaw being an autodidact ) did not prevent the playwright going on to develop his brilliant satire on the medical profession,The Doctors Dilemma .
Centred on one Sir Colenso Rigeon, a caricature of Wright, it concerned the decision as to which of the two men should be saved from death ” a sixpenny doctor (” an honest decent man, but is he any use?”) or a scoundrel of an artist (“a rotten background, but he’s a genuine source of pretty and pleasant and good things”). But The Doctors Dilemma was not simply about doctoring and fashions in medicine.
It was quite specifically about microbiology, and as such is one among an unusual number of plays, novels and films that have revolved around this particular science.
Physics and chemistry, for example and seen to have had nothing like as much attention from the writers of fiction.

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Let’s keep our roads safe and tighten motoring law… June 3, 2010

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Let’s keep our roads safe and tighten motoring law to rid our roads of these death traps once and for all. LIKE GOLD DUST…
I would like to bring to your attention a situation that exists in east London/Essex.
Autocar & Motor is unobtainable at 99 per cent of newsagents; they won’t sell it because they are not reimbursed for unsold copies.
I would like to see more people enjoying your magazine; I just think it’s a shame that it is not more readily available.
Autocar & Motor is now supplied to all newsagents on a permanent sale-or-return basis.
This means they take no risk when they stock it, as they are reimbursed for any copies left unsold at the end of the week.
Please let us know about any newsagents where Autocar & Motor is not on sale so we can contact their local wholesaler ” publisher. OAKLAND MOTOR CAR COMPANY LTD
I am about to start research on the above.
I am aware of most of its history in America, its formation out of the Pontiac Buggy Company, its takeover by General Motors and its sibling Pontiac ” that is all fairly well documented. But nothing seems to exists about Oakland’s history in the UK.
If any reader has anything connected with Oakland, no matter how tenuous or trivial, and if anyone owns or knows the whereabouts of Oaklands in the UK, I would be grateful to hear from them. PASS
Geoffrey Whalen (Open To Question, 28 October) says he doesn’t like to be passed on the inside on motorways. But if the lane to his left is clear, why isn’t he in it?
If J Barrett (“Income exposure”, 4 November) wishes to keep his financial position private then the solution is very simple ” don’t break the law.
If he isn’t prepared to do that then he must accept the workings of a system which is much fairer than the system which was previously enforced. Write to:Autocar & Motor Readers’ Letters or fax .
Short letters stand a better chance of publication.
The editor is not bound to agree with readers’ opinions and reserves the right to edit letters. Like all new Mercs and the 600SL gets the Touring Guarantee cover The MG TC: “Left so much to the imagination,” says a reader

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Hypnotherapy is often used to teach this sort of instant… May 23, 2010

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Hypnotherapy is often used to teach this sort of instant relaxation, and is particularly effective with children.
They learn to feel that they are able to control the asthma, which reduces their feeling of helplessness and panic.
In the case of children, it is very important for the parents and other adults to stay calm as well” anxiety is infectious.
For children who are too young to learn a relaxation technique, a reassuring presence and a warm drink can often stave off an attack. Physical health ” mental health
Maintaining good mental health is a vital part of the fight against physical disease, and is especially important in long-term or “chronic” illnesses such as food intolerance.
While some sufferers will quickly be restored to perfect health, for others it may be a long haul.
This is particularly true for those with multiple symptoms who have been ill for many years. Patience and perseverance are needed, and a positive frame of mind is essential.
The following suggestions should help to improve your general health and maintain a well-balanced mental outlook.
If you are undertaking an elimination diet, you should be cutting out tea, coffee, alcohol and sugar anyway.
Assuming you are not sensitive to these items, you may later reintroduce them, but avoid taking any of them in large quantities, and in particular avoid strong coffee or tea. Caffeine can be very damaging ” see p 159.
If you smoke, make every effort to give up.
Eat regular, adequate meals and make sure you get enough sleep.

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“The area with the greatest potential for immediate returns… May 14, 2010

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“The area with the greatest potential for immediate returns is the Chukchi Sea, north of the Bering Strait”, David Scholl from the USGS told New Scientist .
Uncommonly warm water in the area will allow the Lee to enter for about 10 days in September ” if funds are available.
The Lee has also found promising sedimentary strata in basins near the Aleutian Ridge and Bering Sea.
An unusually thick stratum ” 13 kilometres in places ” was discovered in the Navarin Basin, but the basin straddles a disputed border between the US and the Soviet Union.
In the South Pacific and they found sedimentary deposits ranging from 1 km to 5 km thick near Tonga the Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu (formerly New Hebrides).
This year they hope to take rock samples, along with more sound reflections, “It’s pretty obvious that the islands can’t live on an economy of copra and fish forever,” said David Falvey from the Australian Bureau of Mineral Resources. Metals are also likely in the area.
The geologists believe there are chambers of spreading magma near Tonga and the Solomons. These would lead to deposits of zinc, copper and silver and cadmium.
This year they hope to place cameras on the sea floor to search for escaping hot water, which would confirm the existence of the chambers. Submerged mountains near Hawaii and Western Samoa have also raised interest. The geologists believe these could contain vast quantities of cobalt.
“Any given sea mount could have $10002000 million worth of cobalt,” said David Howell and the director of the survey’s Pacific Marine Geology Branch. The Antarctic is also on this year’s agenda.
The S.P. Lee will spend a month on the Ross Sea shelf looking for oil-bearing rocks.
The survey will report on environmental hazards associated with exploration and such as the sea floor and faults.
The grey whale uses the Bering Sea and the Arctic Ocean ” two prime spots for oil ” as its feeding ground, for instance. “We don’t advocate.
We’ll just say what’s there,” said Howell.
Gulf oil spill cannot compare with Amoco Cadiz
THE OIL slick that threatens to cause havoc in the Arabian Gulf over the next few weeks comes from a spill less than one tenth the size of a supertanker’s cargo.
But the damage it could do is spurring the Gulf states into unprecedented efforts to protect their shallow, near-landlocked waters.
Khalid Fakhro, director of the Marine Emergency Mutual Aid Centre in Bahrain and told New Scientist this week that 2000 barrels of oil (half previous estimates) has been flowing from a war-damaged platform in the Iranian Nowruz field every day since the end of January.
This is a total of 23 000 tonnes: in 1978 the tanker Amoco Cadiz deposited nearly 223000 tonnes on the coasts of Brittany.
The Gulf spill first appeared as a slick in a satellite photograph taken at the end of March. Experts estimated that it covered up to 30 000 square kilometres.
The most immediate danger is to the desalination plants that supply nearly all the region’s water (there are no permanent rivers in the Arabian peninsula).

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